About Red Queen Foundation

Helping homeless women and girls live with dignity.

Our ultimate mission is to empower women by giving them back their confidence and dignity and providing a helping hand to self sustainability. There are over a million homeless girls and women who do not have access to basic sanitary products needed on a monthly basis.

Our goal is to give these girls and women back their dignity by providing these products as well as self empowering services. RQF is dedicated to lifting up the minds and spirits of women and girls, and pointing them in the direction to overcome poverty and land onto the path of success. We believe that by helping others we strengthen our communities and personal relationships as well as contribute to keeping families together actively working towards a common successful goal.


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Our Goals

The goal of RQF is to create a legacy of giving in our local community and inspire others to do so in communities across the globe.

$1,000 out of $10,000
10 out of 50 volunteers
9 out of 10 instructors
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  • The very generous donation of clothes, coats, sanitary products and food was greatly appreciated. The Red Queen Foundation has helped to make this Holiday season brighter and provide for many women, men and children in need.

    Trenton Area Soup Kitchen
  • We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your in-kind donation of Personal Care items and Toys. The substantial donation from the Red Queen Foundation will help Womenspace provide these items to women, men and children we serve each year. Thanks to your unstinting support, Womenspace will continue its mission to prevent abuse, protect families and change lives through empowerment and a safety net of supportive services.

    Patricia Hart, Womanspace Executive Director
  • Thank you for your generous donation of sanitary products, you could not have given our women anything else more appreciated or needed. The Red Queen Foundation has become a much needed resource for Homefront and we look forward to working together to provide for our community.

    Connie Mercer, Homefront Executive Director

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